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Laptop Repair in Dwarka, HP Laptop,Dell Laptop,Lenovo Laptop,Compaq Laptop,Laptop AMC,Laptop Networking with Printer repair services:

Laptop repair in dwarka is most accessible laptop repair center in dwarka which provide the best services like laptop screen repair, keyboard repair, adapter repair and laptop battery services in dwarka.



Laptop Screen Repair:

laptop screen repair in dwarka

Laptop repair in Dwarka is very affluent these days and  all customer would like feel afraid to repair you laptop, because laptop is a movable component and very easy to carry than the computer. We provide the Laptop Data Recovery services in which we can recovery all the formated data or lost data through window formating etc.

Laptop Keyboard Repair:

laptop keyboard repair

Laptop screen problem is coming in very access like laptop screen broken and there are lots of vender Now a days in Dwarka there are multiple venders are coming with fraud address and  without any experience in the laptop repair technology, they have no experience in repair the computer, printer, laptop, Motherboard and Computer Networking.

Laptop Battery Adapter Repair:

laptop adapter repair in dwarka


Our office is located on the prime location of the dwarka sector 12 which is the adjacent to dwarka sector 10,sector 11 and sector 5 & 6 market. It is very easy to reach our office because it is very near to dwarka sector 12 metro station.


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Laptop is very useful device and maximum in demand now. Laptop has all funtionalities  which were present in the desktop computer but it has the greater option than basic desktop computer. Laptop is using highly in the market than there are many chances that laptop will ask the repair or we can say maintence services on time to time. If we are not servicing of our laptop it could be created many problems like laptop fan has jammed, if the cooler fan of the laptop is not working fine than motherboard of the laptop burn out, or process of the laptop can be heated and all computer can catch the fire and will burn, to save your laptop from this type caquality we need to repair your laptop on time.

Dust is very danger for the laptop due to dust the ram of the laptop will not work properly and it could be caused problem of no display error can be showed. Laptop screen is very important component of the laptop and this is output device and we see all the output of Oye input on the output device mean screen of the laptop.

Laptop Keyboard Repair in Dwarka

acer laptop keyboard repair in dwarka

In these days we are getting many complain regarding the laptop keyboard repair or some keys of laptop keyboard are not working, suraj computers located on dwarka sector 12 near dwarka sector 5 and sector 10 market provides the best laptop repair service and has the good name in dwarka delhi, janakpuri, vikaspuri, Uttam Nagar and gurgaon , we provide the best repairing service center in dwarka. Suraj computers provide the laptop repair services of all branded laptop like HP laptop, DELL, Samsung, compaq, acer, asus, sony lio and lenovo laptop.

Laptop Screen repair in dwarka

Suraj computers is best laptop service provider in delhi ncr which provide all type of services related to computer like computer repairing, cartridger refilling, printer repair, computer AMC, networking, antivirus installion, laptop hinges, windows instalation, printer driver instalation,notebook, tablet repair, smartphone repair, lcd tv repair and other service center also.
Mainly companies are  changing desktop computers with laptop because laptop use the laptop is known as best energy saver than the pc computer and its movable feature, if you want to go meeting woth the client and you are living in delhi and client is living in gurgaon than how will you show the project in this case laptop is very powerful computer which can carry to client location and it could save lots of important time. Laptop have the many inbuild funtionalities like wifi, laptop battery, charger, laptop lcd display screen, laptop jack etc.


Suraj computers provide the services in all type of laptop batteries like compatible laptop battery or originallaptop battery. Original battery is more costly than the compatible laptop battery, we provide all branded laptop battery like dell laptop battery, hp , COMPAQ, lenovo, hcl, samsung, acer, asus etc.
Compatible laptop battery has the 3 month warranty but original battery has one year warranty, so we will suggest to go and purchase  the original laptop battery only. Customer can purchase the USB pen drive, USB hard drive, portable charger from our office in dwarka sector 12 new delhi near gurgaon.

Laptop Repair in Dwarka

We repair the laptop charger also, if your laptop battery is ok then we need to check laptop charger a faulty charger can  create big problem in other part of the laptop or we can say your laptop could be dead.
We have both type of chargers like compatible laptop charger and original laptop charger, the laptop charger works like the SMPS in desktop computer, it convert the ac current into the DC current and this current go to the different sections of laptop motherboard, there will be many component in motherboard which control the current for the different sections like capactors, register, diode, coil's , transfer and other component, in last current reach to the CPU and CPU run the other program also. CPU is like the brain of laptop computer and execute all the process in very efficient way.                   
Suraj computer provides the best service in all type of laptop keyboard also. Laptop keyboard is an inbuild component and attached with laptop motherboard if one key is  not working properly than we  need to change the complete keyboard because the single  key will  not be replaced in laptop keyboard before changing the keyboard we need to check keyboard driver are installed properly or not, this could be the reason of the laptop motherboard also. There are two ics in laptop one is southbridge and second one is northbridge ics. These ics take the input from the input device and send to processor for output.     
Laptop lcd screen is also very frequently create the problem, we have the team of engineers      

Suraj computer is the best IT solution provider in the laptop repair in dwarka, cartridge refilling, printer repair,Motherboard Repair,Computer AMC,Computer Networking.

We have awarded the best cartridge refiller by the HP in Dwarka, and our all team members took the free training from the HP cartridge refilling center Hydrabad.

HP is the big name in cartridge word and he provides all type of printers with multifunctional and after that refill all toner cartridge.

HP Toner Refilling in Dwarka is also in very demand now because most customers use the Laserjet cartridge toner which gives the maximum pages in printout and save lots of money.


Head Office

Corp. Off : T-8, Malayan Plaza, Dwarka

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New Delhi - 110045

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